Our Products

100% Quality products

We are Master Butchers by trade, and artisans at our craft. We are experts at dry-ageing, hanging our beef to ensure fuller flavour and succulence. Our range of both traditional and modern butchery cuts is constantly growing as we encourage home cooks to eat nose-to-tail and discover new dishes.

We provide locally sourced meats

  • Seasonal game, pheasant, partridge, grouse, rabbit, venison
  • Home cured bacon smoked & unsmoked
  • Home made pork, lamb & venison sausage
  • Home cooked ham and gammon
  • Traditional pork pies, pasty, steak & kidney pies
  • Homemade sausage rolls
  • Smoked trout pate (cold smoked)
  • Local and Continental cheeses and accompanying condiments
  • Scottish beef
  • Homemade Faggots

Frozen Produce

Frozen produce
Home made oven ready meals
Handcrafted desserts
Meadow cottage artisan ice cream

Our Beef

The majority of our beef comes from Scottish farms and we have a close working relationship with the farmer to ensure we achieve consistency of eating quality through and through.

We firmly believe that one of the key aspects to enhancing flavour and quality in beef is the ability to properly condition and age the meat. Our dry aging rooms are specifically designed to ensure the best conditions in which to mature the beef and we look to age our hind quarters (where you’ll find the prime cuts of beef) for a minimum of 28days.


When in season, most of our Game is sourced direct from local farms and Estates (Venison, Hare, Rabbit, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck & Teal) . We also stock Grouse and other seasonal game products – please ask one of the team if you are looking for specific game cuts.


We source our free-range chickens from Creedy Carver, Devon. On this family-run farm, they rear their free-range birds to the highest welfare standards. The flocks have access to large grassy areas planted with trees offering shade which encourages the birds to range and lead a natural and happy life.

In addition to our free-range chicken, we also stock a selection of farmed English breasts and whole chickens. These birds have been reared to high Freedom Foods standards, and while not free-range (something we would never hide from our customers) we have confidence in the welfare standards of the birds. For some families, the price of a free-range whole chicken or breasts can be too much, and these quality birds represent a great alternative, whilst ensuring quality rearing methods.

Wide selection of cheeses

We stock a wide selection of local British Cheeses including :

  • Stilton
  • Somerset Brie
  • Waterloo Cheddar
  • Godminster
  • Winslade
  • Tunworth

We stock whole and half wheels and truckles of cheese at Christmas, as well as a wide range of crackers and cheese biscuits and accompaniments.

Smoked Trout

We smoke fish for our customers from April until September .

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